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Antrim Investments Limited, incorporated in 1973, is a mortgage broker and lender that initially only brokered mortgages between private lenders and borrowers. At present, it has expanded its area of specialization to include brokering of investment management. The company does not deal with the general public directly. It takes funds that have been invested by private investors into one of its Mortgage Investment Corporations, and markets it for management to various mortgage brokers.

Mortgage Investment Corporations

Mortgage Investment Corporations are similar to mutual funds. They allow an investor to pool their funds and invest in a portfolio of mortgages. Antrim Investments manages the administration of the funds. At the end of each financial year, the Mortgage Investment Corporation pays the investor one hundred percent of the net income as dividends. The investor can then decide to re-invest or cash out.

The company is essentially a go-between for investors who wish to invest in the mortgage industry. This works because Antrim can invest the client’s money using its large portfolio of secured mortgages. Antrim claims to be a broker-focused mortgage lender, and is able to provide fast service for its network of brokers, with a turnaround as quick as one day. Some of the areas it covers are Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley Greater Victoria, Whistler, and the Gulf Islands. The company assists brokers with mortgages from $50,000 to $2 million.

Antrim is suited for large- and medium-sized investors who want to invest in the mortgage industry. Antrim makes it easy for investors to do this, as it provides great experience and knowledge in this department. The company has a good suite of products and services for brokers, and covers a wide geographical area of Canada. It has underwriters who can tailor a deal to suit a broker’s clients, and who can make very quick arrangements as and when needed.


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